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Angela Fisher- Founder/CEO, AMF Entertainment

Angela Fisher- Founder/CEO, AMF Entertainment

The decision to leave a successful career at VH1 to launch my company, AMF Entertainment, started with one question “What’s next for you?” From my first day at MTV Networks, I wanted to soak everything in- to listen, to learn, to challenge myself, and to grow. AMF Entertainment became a logical next step to take what I had learned to the next level.

What’s New:

I’m super excited to announce our transition from AMF Entertainment to introduce AMF Media! AMF Media helps you strategically align your project and target audience with the right influencer relationship. The influencer world is robust with celebrities, social media stars, thought leaders, journalists, activists, politicians, brands and much more. Leveraging our expertise, we will harness the power of the influencer world to tell impactful stories and build meaningful communities for our clients.

Why We Are Rebranding:

The transition to AMF Media will highlight a deeper dive into the digital space for us to become a digitally transformative company. We will use more technology and data to enhance the client experience along with how we currently access, manage, and analyze influencers. However, we believe firmly in personalization, and we will still keep our human-focused methodologies. After all, authentic relationships are built on human connections.

Our New Color Scheme:

Our values of honesty, integrity, and transparency will remain the core of who we are. The colors of AMF Media’s logo, as well as our brand identity, reflect our values and our new direction. I wanted the new design to satisfy all the existing expectations of what AMF Media stands for while simultaneously moving our brand forward. We're ready to move on to what’s next.

Increased Commitment to the Client Experience:

We value the trust our clients place in us, and we will always be relentlessly committed to ensuring their success. The client experience will be the priority in every move we make as we improve ways to serve our clients better.  Authenticity represents everything we do and the mutually beneficial opportunities that create high-level brand advocacy.

I look forward to the future!

Angela Fisher

Founder/CEO- AMF Entertainment

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