Influencer marketing is a marketing practice that reaches out to people who have an influence over a target audience. Influencers authentically integrate a product or service into their content to increase brand awareness or sales. 

Influencer Marketing has become the leading way brands engage and connect with audiences.

AMF offers influencer marketing services from an entertainment industry perspective.  We apply our professional experience from working celebrities to influencer marketing practices to help clients get the most value out of the partnership.  


Influencer Marketing

AMF's Influencer Marketing Services include influencer relationship building, contract negotiation, campaign management, follower verification, and transparency, ensuring a seamless process in communicating the brand's message as intended. 

AMF’s entertainment background provides the level of professionalism and trustworthiness it takes to work with any caliber of talent.  We ensure deadlines are met, communication is continuous, and reports to analyze the campaign's effectiveness.